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H2O Securities

H2O Securities is a specialized water equipment leasing company that addresses the growing funding gap for water infrastructure globally.

Our leasing Fintec platform is specifically designed for the water sector, it is designed to provide a fast turnaround time to approve water infrastructure projects or components of these projects. We provide our solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Water Infrastructure Operators, Engineering Procurement Companies or Water Infrastructure end users. We serve both Public and Private sector clients, in almost any jurisdiction globally.

world-water stress regions map

A Global Problem

It’s common knowledge that there is a growing water scarcity crisis globally. Less well known is the fact that there is a $200bn funding gap for water infrastructure projects that are expected to rise to $1.2trn by 2030. Apart from climate change, this funding gap is one of the key reasons why the crisis is getting worse.

This $200bn funding gap for water infrastructure projects arises from limited access to water infrastructure expertise among traditional financiers. This, combined with the complex and variable nature of such projects, deters most financiers, leading to either complete disinterest or prolonged due diligence processes that often fail to secure project funding.

Leasing through us

The H2O Securities Platform combines traditional finance, specialist risk management modelling, blockchain, the internet-of-things and tokenomics to deliver securitised leasing solutions to our clients. Our lease terms range from 3-5 year arrangements, that can be extended for periods up to 20 years

An Easy Access Point To Finance

Our next-generation leasing solution Fintech Platform is innovatively designed to connect equipment manufacturers, distributors of water treatment equipment and water plant owner/operators to our Credit Lines and Risk Underwriters. We inter-operate in a way traditional finance methodologies simply is not able to and, provide financing through operating or financial leaseback arrangements. Our platform serves as a centralised hub for lease finance applications, where deals are rapidly auto evaluated through sophisticated algorithms and if approved receive near instant approvals.

water dozing systems
water settlement clarifier tank

High quality leases

The platform generates harmonised investment-grade asset-backed leases for financial institutions, managing those leases throughout the asset's lifecycle. This means our leases and credit lines are protected from typical Operational and Capital risks experienced in the water infrastructure assets through our A+ grade risk underwriting. This model allows us to provide physical equipment maintenance during the lease life cycle that benefits all parties involved in the lease arrangement.


Work with Us

We are constantly growing and this creates opportunities for Credit Line and Lease Finance providers as well as for all other participants in the global water sector. Why not make contact and enquire about your opportunity to benefit from H2O Securities?

Julius Steyn CEO of H2O Securities


CEO & Founder

28 Years experience in Private Equity and Investment Banking. Was instrumental in the formation of 3 banks, as well as the first mobile banking app in South Africa that also issued its own VISA & Master Card. Was instrumental in leading an Engineering team for projects in Saudi Arabia during which plant operations were re-engineered to achieve cost savings in excess of US$ 140 Million during the first year operation and a 2nd project assisting the Saudi Arabia government to consider a restructure of their Privatization approach that would refinance state assets of up to US$ 40 Billion.

Our Team

The Executive Team has worked together for over 7 years on various other projects in the water sector. Their skills include Engineering, Technology, Finance, Risk, Banking, Business Development, and Legal. The core team has worked together in the water sector since 2015.

Julia Steyn CFO of H2O Securities

Julia Steyn


25 Years experience in finance, 18 years as CFO for investment company. Has been with team since 2015

Emile Ras Snr Partner to H2O Securities

Emile Ras

Chief Engineer

25 Year engineering experience. Was key member of team since 2015 and lead one of our teams in Saudi Arabia

Ebbe Rabie Snr Advisor to H2O Securities on alternative Risk

Ebbe Rabie

Alternative Risk

30 years experience in risk and insurance. Expert in complex risk transfer structures. Is part of the team since 2015

Al Kilgour Snr Partner to H2O Securities

Al Kilgour

Corporate Development

25 years executive in high-growth fintech, data & analytics and martech VC funded businesses. Participated in 2 large IPO’s and 1 M&A exit.


Tarryn Louw

Community Manager

Tarryn is our go-maker community manager and first point of call. The glue that keeps the members close


Dr Scott Young

Investment Banking

25 Years experience as investment banker with tier 1 investment banks such as Morgan Stanley & LF Rothschild


Nicholas Collinson

Leasing Finance

25 years experience in equipment leasing. Highly experienced entrepreneur  


Antony Watson

Investment Banking

20 years experience in investment banking and global advisory to financial institutions, private equity & sovereign wealth funds

We are continuously growing the skill and expertise of our team

Investing H2O Securities

Our Mission

Reduce the growing global funding gap in water infrastructure, thereby addressing global water scarcity.

Our Vision

To become the first and obvious choice global partner for water infrastructure finance.

Our Values

Responsible | Respectful | Dependable | Adaptable | Ethical | Sustainable | Professional | Integrity | Dignity

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